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What Does It Mean to be Authentic?

If there’s only one thing that we’ve learned as a result of the Brexit vote, it’s that people are fed up with the lack of transparency among their leaders. But as business leaders can we not still fake it until we

Did You Hear It Through the Grapevine?

The organisational grapevine has long been the most effective communication channel man has ever devised. No plans were drawn up, no committees were formed, and no one was tasked to make sure that it was implemented. It

How to Use Organisational Memory to Encourage Change

Much has been made of the idea that organisational memory inhibits changes that senior managers want to make. They feel plagued by the attitude still clung to by some that “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

There’s No Substitute for Trust

The organizational change model is well known. It follows an equally well-known model: the one for making decisions.

The Royal We

Organisational culture isn’t an accident. It isn’t the result of serendipity, happenstance, or chance. For good or for ill, there is only one reason why the culture where you work is the way it is.

The Culture of Complacency

Organisations change constantly. What that means is that your organisation is dynamic. It won’t remain the same because it can’t.

How to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

So how do you prepare for a difficult conversation? By dealing with it before it becomes difficult. Find out more.

Regaining a Place of Trust

trust, respect, management development

There is No Substitute for Trust

The organizational change model is well known. It follows an equally well-known model: the one for making decisions.

Not on My Desk

You know the neighbourhood mantra. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself: “NIMBY – Not in my back yard.” Here’s a variation on that. “NOMD - Not on my desk! It’s not my responsibility. Don’t look at me guv

Change Leadership

Lest there be any confusion, let’s make sure we’re on the same page: Leadership, by definition, means that you have followers. If no one is following you, then you’re not leading.

What Should You Read?

You already know that leaders are readers. Not only is it something that you can’t avoid, it’s unimaginable that you’d even think about doing so. No one, not even you, has a corner on good ideas.

How the Butterfly Effect Impacts Productivity

Whether you want it to or not, your organization is changing either into what you would like it to be or into something else. You’re not actually standing still. Do you want to go where you are heading by default?

Common Causes of Unproductive Organizations

Learn five ways in which you can work together in order to overcome some of the most common causes of unproductive organizations.

Delivering More with Less

For some years, the ethos of business has been to do more with less; to deliver more value, but at less cost.

Unproductive Organizations

The failure to work together, peer pressure / bullying, and the lack of organizational justice all contribute to creating an unproductive organization, let’s take a look at these issues…

A Hidden Preventer of Productivity

All of us are insecure to a certain extent. Some are better at hiding it than others. All of us perform better if we believe that what we are doing counts for something; how much do your team feel they and their activiti

Proud association with Champions of Small Business

I am proud to announce an association with The Champions of Small Business which is a national initiative dedicated to celebrating & supporting all that’s great about Small Business in the UK

Let's Talk About It

In a family business, conflict in the home can extend into the business and vice versa. This can create a lethal combination that, if left for long enough, may threaten its very survival.

How Do I Gain Confidence for Punching above My Weight?

If you want to punch above your weight, then you need to know what that means; and it will mean something different for everyone. You won’t find a cookie-cutter definition.

How Managerial Resistance Makes Organizations Unproductive

Change Management, Resistance to Change

Only Wimps Hide Their Emotions

There’s still a common misconception among leaders and managers that it’s a sign of weakness to show any sort of emotion; is that kind of behaviour is inconsistent with the rough-and-tumble of big business?

Change: Make it simple

Like many things that happen in a cosy academic change management library, in theory all the models work – in theory

Why are you struggling to change course?

An exploration of some of the reason for the high probability of change initiative failure

The risk of flying solo

In recent years, the need for people, teams and companies that could collaborate in order to deliver a range of expertise as a one-stop-shop package for clients has arisen.

Does Your Company Have a Soul?

When we think about companies that have a soul, we tend to think of all the good that they do and yet soul refers to more than what it does…

The Value of Networking

The concept of business networking has become so much a part of our everyday lives that we have forgotten what it means or how to do it

How to be the sun rather than the wind

Energy. It’s something we all of us take for granted. Although we may have less of it than we perhaps would like when we get up in the morning, the fact that we do get up is evidence that it is there.

The consequences of losing your way

Why are you in business? A typical answer is that you are in business to make money. If that’s the first thing that popped into your mind, then you have already lost your way

How is Your Spiritual Intelligence?

People are complex; dependable, conscientious, and loyal or unreliable, lazy, and unfaithful. Some describe all these traits as intelligences, one suggests we each, regardless of our faith, display spiritual intelligenc

Employee Engagement: History repeating itself

Herzberg taught us nearly 60 years ago that people were the most important component in any organization. Thirty years later came KPIs and High Performance Indicators, more recently Employee Engagement…

Are meetings really the cornerstone of organisational life?

Ask a group of managers at random; which activity wastes most of your time and causes you the most frustration and most of your audience will say “meetings.”

A famous boat race

It has long been assumed that the implementation of strategy has failed largely because employees didn’t understand it. While that may be true it is not the full story...

Punching Above Your Weight

How can you, as a small firm, win the larger contracts against your biggest rivals? Here are the seven principles that you need to follow...

Do I really need to repeat myself?

Said is done isn't it? This is a dangerous falsehood perceived as a truth for many. Said is NOT done and the key messages of any organisation must be repeated often and for a sustained period of time to secure employee e

In tough times does fear hold us back?

Many people and many businesses are having a tough time at the moment. To survive these tough times we have to adapt and act; yet fear stops many people and businesses

Are your staff listening?

Are your staff listening, or are you just background noise? We heard a very interesting tale recently of a mother who was genuinely concerned that her seven-year-old son

The workforce is getting older

It is official: the nation's workforce is getting older as more and more people work on into their seventies. This social trend does have an impact on businesses

Non-aligned priorities across an organisation can kill any initiative

Two of the issues that make the prioritisation of change implementation difficult are those around hierarchy and silos; these could kill an change programme

Sparrows change their tune to help communication

There's some interesting behaviour going on among the sparrow population of San Francisco. - They have changed their tune...

Employers note: women have the moral high ground

Here's an interesting piece of research we came across recently: a philosopher has claimed that women are more moral than men.

Bob Hayward speaks at NRG Networks Swindon

Speaking at NRG events is always a pleasure - this session is about price resistant selling

Help suggestions required for some serious Dad-Dan

Which tracks from the 60s to the 90s would you recommend for serious Dad Dancing?

How many realities are there in your organisation?

Understanding how other see things is an important ingredient in any form of communication, this article outlines some of the challenges many miss when attempting to communicate across different departments and teams.

10 important ingredients for a successful change implementation

Ten tips for an effective implementation that gets everyone aboard, lets the organisation develop in harmony, creating less friction, more respect, better understanding, better communication and stronger commitment.

One communication problem is involvement or the lack of it

In the excitement to reveal the great new future to the masses three things are often forgotten with regard to the type of internal communication required to win over a critical mass of active supporters.

Growing the Trust Relationship

The relationship begins when you demonstrate over a period of time that you’re trustworthy. The length of time it takes will depend on you and any others who are involved, and the degree of responsibility that that tru

An inconsistency in your message destroys trust

Ensuring that key message is spread across an organisation without distortion and any loss of the vitality and energy key to the success of the initiative. What can help create conformity?

Advice for a Trusted Advisor

Before advice can be offered to you, a trusted advisor, we have to be sure of our terms. They’re not as straightforward as they might seem.

Is your message simple enough?

An explanation of why simplicity is an important ingredient in any form of communication; for a successful change implementation, for a team leader giving a team brief, for a parent attempting to influence a child.

Is your glass half full or half empty

The reason most of us see the glass as half full along with the benefits and dangers for those managing a business, project or team.

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more

A discussion of nudge theory and some of the business applications

Are your staff too tired to work

A outline of some of the research on workplace tiredness and the implications on productivity.

Effective employee relations. Lessons from TNOW

the News of The World will produce many business case studies; what to do and what not to do. Here is an initial look at lessons in how not to deliver bad news

Bottoms-up! More Reverse Options

Four practical ways to create involvement and communication from the bottom of an organisation to it's head...

Who to employ - The answer is in the sandwich

A comment on the findings that certain types of people tend to enjoy the same kind of lunch time snack

Bottoms up! Let us have a chat

Defining communication can reframe our whole approach to communication for the better

Do you listen to your bottom or your front..?

An insight into the challenges and problems around upward communication

Are you a Paxman, a Henry, a Kelly or a Madonna..?

An interesting way of working out how to deal with people by categorising them into 'celebrity types'.

Who is who..?

A lighthearted look at personality with a serious message on effectiveness

On the Ball to help Swindon FoodBank

Bob Hayward and his company Be More Effective Ltd continue to support this great local charity and fight local poverty

Is your business a talent show

An introduction to some recent research into talent management

Bottoms up! Let's get social

Exploring to possible benefits of including social media channels at work to support internal communication, productivity and employee engagement

Introducing Swindon Restore

Foodbank has a little sister charity that could become it's big brother...

Bottoms up! Engage Reverse Gear

Some practical ideas to use standard corporate communication activities to reverse the flow of communication and create a bottom up approach...

Bottoms up! It's a question of trust

A review of the need for trust as a prerequisite for bottom up communication

Not the Change Curve again..!

An insight into the change curve and its application to internal communication

How do you handle criticism?

Three ways to handle criticism

All I wanted was a banana tree....

...true my wife had designs on some new curtains for our bedroom but I needed the banana tree to support my new healthy eating whilst in the office.

Coast to Coast Cycle Ride for Foodbank

A promotional overview of a fund raising cycle ride for Foodbank

And we all got on our bikes

The last time I blogged I was about to embark on a 102-mile charity cycle ride. That was in July and I promise it's not taken me that long to complete the course...

It's Snow Joke...

A Computer that writes Christmas Cracker Jokes - no joking...

The iPhone App and the Wandering Mind

A review of research on the wandering mind and it's relationship to presenteeism

What is Critical Mass?

An insight into what critical mass means, it's value and importance

The company grapevine ~ What ~ How and Control?

Three questions ~ here are some of my thoughts ~ what are yours?

Does internal communication support change

A discussion about intertnal communication of change programmes

Test your message against reality

A brief discussion on testing messages

How to set ground rules for meetings

An insight into setting ground rules to ensure a more effective well run meetings

Are Branding and Positioning inter-changeable?

A question about Branding and Positioning

Performance Management from Roy Braxton

A brief overview of Roy Braxton's presentation to the Employee Engagement Conference in Ghana May 2009

Friends...Villagers... Lend me your opinon formers

One of the seminal works on the communication of change is Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers

Logistics or Semiotics?

A discussion about two major theories of internal communication

Airing laundry in public and other engagement myths

Bob Hayward Blog, employee engagement, internal communication, company grapevines

The favourite remains face to face

Bob Hayward Blog, Internal Communication, Employee Engagement

What are these turbulent times in Ghana

As part of the opening to the conference in Ghana ~ "Managing employees during turbulent times" it seemed appropriate to define what we meant by "turbulent times" and also "management problems"

Alternative Dispute Resolution

An overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Cracking the Knowledge Management Code

A discussion on knowledge management

Does communication travel?

An explorative article on the complex nature of cross cultural communication

How do you engage talent?

A question about engaging talent

Everything new replaces something

A discussion about the need for a simple approach to key messages

A fuzzy nicety or an organisation's life blood

An overview of the need for internal communication

Consultancy is purely holding a mirror

A brief discussion about the meaning of consultancy

Two things most of us hate about sales people

A discussion about listening and it's value when influencing others

To retain talent or not? Is that the question?

A question about talent - recruitment and retention and it's value

The dance of the facilitators

What does dancing have to do with facilitation?

Does everyone contribute in your meetings..?

Back in 1979 the Schnelle brothers recorded a series of meetings to establish the number and pattern of utterances per hour in meetings.

What happened to you in 2007?

A blog is not much of a blog if no one is adding content, I agree

Leeds or Barcelona..?

Given the choice where would you rather spend a couple of days?

Involvement leads to engagement

What makes some succeed better with implementation of key messages in large organisations than others?

A study by Center & Jackson

A study by Center & Jackson carried out on behalf of the International Association of Business Communicators in 1995 came up with the following list of items your people most want to hear about.

Effective internal communication

Effective internal communication is an essential part of a smoothly running business organisation. In the modern organisation there will be multi-channel flows of internal communication.

Preferred modes of internal communication

Many surveys conducted into employees preferred mode of internal communication suggest that the all time favourite remains face to face.

Getting the best from consultants?

Bob Hayward Blog, Consultant, procurement, internal communication, employee engagement

Five Myths of Employee Engagement

Discuss the topic of engagement with Senior Managers or Consultants and the following barriers or myths often come up as reasons to be wary of taking employee engagement too far.

Measuring the effectiveness of internal communication

The 2005 FEIEA (the Federation of Business Communicator Associations in Europe) survey of it's members in 13 countries across

At what point do you appoint internal brand police?

Bob Hayward Blog, Internal Communication, Brand, Branding, Protecting the Brand, Employee Engagement

Principles and Benefits of Engagement

Bob Hayward, Employee Engagement, Internal Communication

Do marketing campaigns need to start with internal communication?

If people across an organisation are unable or unwilling to support your marketing efforts it can have detrimental results.

How do you measure employee engagement?

An insight into the options for assessing employee engagement

Is the meme the basic cell of communication

Memes are the basic building blocks of our thinking, our conversations, our behaviour and therefore our culture, in the same way that genes are the basic building blocks of biological life and therefore society.

What are the barriers to effective internal communication?

A consistent complaint in companies across the world is ~ poor internal communication.

Birthdays, babies and ballscores

A question about the changing themes with internal communication

Which tribe are you ~ Duck and Run or Vomit and Leave?

I was working, if you can call observing and voting on presentations working, with a Logistics client on Tuesday and we got on to the problem of employees who don't have access to computers yet the company relies on

COKE to build trust

Communication as part of any relationship, whether one-on-one or one-to-group relies on trust.

Is employee engagement needed?

A discussion of some values and benefits with employee engagmeent

Defining Internal Communication

An overview of Internal Communication

Talent Retention or not? That is a question..?

A short discussion on current thinking around talent recruitment and retention

What is an engaged employee?

An insight into the definition and value of employee engagement

The age of education is dead

An overview of learning methods

Pulling different disciplines together

A question about multi-disciplinary approaches to employee engagement

Travel broadens the mind

A discussion about the impact of cross cultural differences on communication

If you were asked to speak...

A question about what employee engagement topic you might choose to speak about


How often have you sat patiently while listening to someone give you a long and detailed explanation of something only to discover that you were more confused at the end than you were at the beginning?

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