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Bottoms-up! More Reverse Options

Four practical ways to create involvement and communication from the bottom of an organisation to it's head...

Are your staff too tired to work

A outline of some of the research on workplace tiredness and the implications on productivity.

Effective employee relations. Lessons from TNOW

the News of The World will produce many business case studies; what to do and what not to do. Here is an initial look at lessons in how not to deliver bad news

Bottoms up! It's a question of trust

A review of the need for trust as a prerequisite for bottom up communication

Bottoms up! Let's get social

Exploring to possible benefits of including social media channels at work to support internal communication, productivity and employee engagement

Coast to Coast Cycle Ride for Foodbank

A promotional overview of a fund raising cycle ride for Foodbank

Not the Change Curve again..!

An insight into the change curve and its application to internal communication

How do you handle criticism?

Three ways to handle criticism

Are Branding and Positioning inter-changeable?

A question about Branding and Positioning

Does internal communication support change

A discussion about intertnal communication of change programmes

Test your message against reality

A brief discussion on testing messages

Logistics or Semiotics?

A discussion about two major theories of internal communication

Consultancy is purely holding a mirror

A brief discussion about the meaning of consultancy

A fuzzy nicety or an organisation's life blood

An overview of the need for internal communication

Cracking the Knowledge Management Code

A discussion on knowledge management

How to set ground rules for meetings

An insight into setting ground rules to ensure a more effective well run meetings

Friends...Villagers... Lend me your opinon formers

One of the seminal works on the communication of change is Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers

Alternative Dispute Resolution

An overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution

What are these turbulent times in Ghana

As part of the opening to the conference in Ghana ~ "Managing employees during turbulent times" it seemed appropriate to define what we meant by "turbulent times" and also "management problems"

The favourite remains face to face

Bob Hayward Blog, Internal Communication, Employee Engagement

Airing laundry in public and other engagement myths

Bob Hayward Blog, employee engagement, internal communication, company grapevines

The company grapevine ~ What ~ How and Control?

Three questions ~ here are some of my thoughts ~ what are yours?

What is Critical Mass?

An insight into what critical mass means, it's value and importance

The dance of the facilitators

What does dancing have to do with facilitation?

What happened to you in 2007?

A blog is not much of a blog if no one is adding content, I agree

Measuring the effectiveness of internal communication

The 2005 FEIEA (the Federation of Business Communicator Associations in Europe) survey of it's members in 13 countries across

Effective internal communication

Effective internal communication is an essential part of a smoothly running business organisation. In the modern organisation there will be multi-channel flows of internal communication.

A study by Center & Jackson

A study by Center & Jackson carried out on behalf of the International Association of Business Communicators in 1995 came up with the following list of items your people most want to hear about.

Preferred modes of internal communication

Many surveys conducted into employees preferred mode of internal communication suggest that the all time favourite remains face to face.

Five Myths of Employee Engagement

Discuss the topic of engagement with Senior Managers or Consultants and the following barriers or myths often come up as reasons to be wary of taking employee engagement too far.

At what point do you appoint internal brand police?

Bob Hayward Blog, Internal Communication, Brand, Branding, Protecting the Brand, Employee Engagement

Does everyone contribute in your meetings..?

Back in 1979 the Schnelle brothers recorded a series of meetings to establish the number and pattern of utterances per hour in meetings.

Principles and Benefits of Engagement

Bob Hayward, Employee Engagement, Internal Communication

Getting the best from consultants?

Bob Hayward Blog, Consultant, procurement, internal communication, employee engagement

Is the meme the basic cell of communication

Memes are the basic building blocks of our thinking, our conversations, our behaviour and therefore our culture, in the same way that genes are the basic building blocks of biological life and therefore society.

What are the barriers to effective internal communication?

A consistent complaint in companies across the world is ~ poor internal communication.

Birthdays, babies and ballscores

A question about the changing themes with internal communication

Do marketing campaigns need to start with internal communication?

If people across an organisation are unable or unwilling to support your marketing efforts it can have detrimental results.

Which tribe are you ~ Duck and Run or Vomit and Leave?

I was working, if you can call observing and voting on presentations working, with a Logistics client on Tuesday and we got on to the problem of employees who don't have access to computers yet the company relies on

Defining Internal Communication

An overview of Internal Communication

What is an engaged employee?

An insight into the definition and value of employee engagement

Is employee engagement needed?

A discussion of some values and benefits with employee engagmeent

COKE to build trust

Communication as part of any relationship, whether one-on-one or one-to-group relies on trust.

How do you measure employee engagement?

An insight into the options for assessing employee engagement


How often have you sat patiently while listening to someone give you a long and detailed explanation of something only to discover that you were more confused at the end than you were at the beginning?

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