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Are meetings really the cornerstone of organisational life?

Ask a group of managers at random; which activity wastes most of your time and causes you the most frustration and most of your audience will say “meetings.”

The workforce is getting older

It is official: the nation's workforce is getting older as more and more people work on into their seventies. This social trend does have an impact on businesses

Not the Change Curve again..!

An insight into the change curve and its application to internal communication

To retain talent or not? Is that the question?

A question about talent - recruitment and retention and it's value

Two things most of us hate about sales people

A discussion about listening and it's value when influencing others

Does communication travel?

An explorative article on the complex nature of cross cultural communication

Everything new replaces something

A discussion about the need for a simple approach to key messages

Cracking the Knowledge Management Code

A discussion on knowledge management

How do you engage talent?

A question about engaging talent

The age of education is dead

An overview of learning methods