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Chinese Whispers: Can They Be Prevented?

Chinese Whispers, where each time a story is repeated, the details are altered a little bit. Bigger enterprises suffer from it more than smaller ones because there are more layers. Can such whispers be prevented?

There’s More to Walking the Talk Than Walking the Talk

Some people believe that if they make their message easy to understand that alone will be enough to garner everyone’s support for whatever it is that they want to do. And the truth is that it won’t do anything of the

Productive Communication

Communication is the channel through which an organization’s culture and performance is influenced, for better or worse.

Let's Talk About It

In a family business, conflict in the home can extend into the business and vice versa. This can create a lethal combination that, if left for long enough, may threaten its very survival.

How to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

So how do you prepare for a difficult conversation? By dealing with it before it becomes difficult. Find out more.

Did You Hear It Through the Grapevine?

The organisational grapevine has long been the most effective communication channel man has ever devised. No plans were drawn up, no committees were formed, and no one was tasked to make sure that it was implemented. It

Why are you struggling to change course?

An exploration of some of the reason for the high probability of change initiative failure

Are meetings really the cornerstone of organisational life?

Ask a group of managers at random; which activity wastes most of your time and causes you the most frustration and most of your audience will say “meetings.”

Do I really need to repeat myself?

Said is done isn't it? This is a dangerous falsehood perceived as a truth for many. Said is NOT done and the key messages of any organisation must be repeated often and for a sustained period of time to secure employee e

Is your message simple enough?

An explanation of why simplicity is an important ingredient in any form of communication; for a successful change implementation, for a team leader giving a team brief, for a parent attempting to influence a child.

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