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Bob Hayward



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Productive Communication

Communication is the channel through which an organization’s culture and performance is influenced, for better or worse.

Why are you struggling to change course?

An exploration of some of the reason for the high probability of change initiative failure

Are meetings really the cornerstone of organisational life?

Ask a group of managers at random; which activity wastes most of your time and causes you the most frustration and most of your audience will say “meetings.”

Effective employee relations. Lessons from TNOW

the News of The World will produce many business case studies; what to do and what not to do. Here is an initial look at lessons in how not to deliver bad news

Logistics or Semiotics?

A discussion about two major theories of internal communication

Consultancy is purely holding a mirror

A brief discussion about the meaning of consultancy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

An overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Test your message against reality

A brief discussion on testing messages

How to set ground rules for meetings

An insight into setting ground rules to ensure a more effective well run meetings

A fuzzy nicety or an organisation's life blood

An overview of the need for internal communication