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Bob Hayward

Luke Robertson
Head of Business Development at Office Principles

Bob is an extremely qualified, dynamic professional offering unique perspectives in a fun and creative way. Bob isn’t someone that just gives advice and then leaves – under his coaching you start a student, then become a working example before becoming a teacher yourself. Bob’s training doesn’t just affect those that directly come in touch with it but widens empowering everyone.

Tom Ball
CEO at NearDesk

Plenty of people talk a great game - Bob goes out of his way to truly understand a situation and to find the right solution even if it means recommending someone to a "competitor" if he believes they are the best option. If you are thinking of working with Bob, please do. If he says he can help, he can.

Angela Greenfield
Quality Deployment Project Manager - Vodafone

I first worked with Bob when he was the supplier to deliver a large scale change project requiring an effective and engaging communications approach. Bob combines a vast knowledge and experience of his subject with humour, but always focused on delivery and adding value. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Bob many times again in the future.

Jeremy Blain
Regional Managing Director Cegos Asia Pacific

I am constantly staggered by Bob's levels of energy, passion and belief. A dedicated Learning and Performance Professional he employs these qualities to the good of his customers and business Partners. What I value above all is his ability to support, challenge as appropriate, and drive excellence in those he touches. I have no hesitation in recommending Bob to you.

Sven Ringling
SAP Project Lead at Skype

I worked with Bob on a project rescue mission with very tight deadlines. His was Change, Communications and Training Manager. He did a superb job despite extremely difficult circumstances. He never hid behind formal responsibilities nor complained about the hours; when a job needed doing he just did it. The project could never have met the deadline without him.

Mark Forsyth
Johnson Controls Training Manager

It was really beneficial working with Bob, he provided immense energy and enthusiasm during his management training workshops. Our internal stakeholders enjoyed his energetic style and managed to take away valuable learning tools for future productivity in the workplace so no surprise their feedback on him was excellent. I would definitely recommend Bob for future development work.

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Bob Hayward

Bob Hayward is a sought after consultant, facilitator and speaker with particular strengths in the area of internal communication and employee engagement to support large scale change programmes.

He has designed, delivered and led a number of enterprise-wide communication initiatives for Global Companies across a broad range of disciplines. This breadth of commercial insights and deep understanding of people at all levels enable him to build rapport, credibility and influence quickly.

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You have a company-wide message to communicate internally. You need to have it accepted and understood by your people. Will everyone buy into it? Will some try to undermine it? Everyone involved needs to understand your vision, feel part of it, be motivated by it and pull together to achieve it. Are you confident that enough of your people are on board with your key initiatives?

Be More Effective solutions produce immediate and sustainable improvements; developing high performance, addressing specific business challenges, achieving agreed objectives, improving key processes, enhancing employee enagement and developing relevant skills.