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Bob Hayward



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How to Demotivate Your Best Employee

Employee motivation is one of the hottest leadership topics because so many workers are demotivated. Job satisfaction is not the opposite of demotivation; read on before you solve the wrong problem…

Bottoms up! Engage Reverse Gear

Some practical ideas to use standard corporate communication activities to reverse the flow of communication and create a bottom up approach...

Bottoms-up! More Reverse Options

Four practical ways to create involvement and communication from the bottom of an organisation to it's head...

Bottoms up! Let's get social

Exploring to possible benefits of including social media channels at work to support internal communication, productivity and employee engagement

Bottoms up! Let us have a chat

Defining communication can reframe our whole approach to communication for the better

Who is who..?

A lighthearted look at personality with a serious message on effectiveness

Do you listen to your bottom or your front..?

An insight into the challenges and problems around upward communication

Bottoms up! It's a question of trust

A review of the need for trust as a prerequisite for bottom up communication

Performance Management from Roy Braxton

A brief overview of Roy Braxton's presentation to the Employee Engagement Conference in Ghana May 2009